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R.L. Jones takes pride in maintaining a solid reputation for delivering on time, within budget, quality products and services.

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R.L. Jones is one of San Antonio’s long standing premier bonded general contractors who takes pride in delivering on time, budget minded, quality products & services.

Since 1952 R. L. Jones has routinely been providing underground utility projects of all sizes and complexities throughout Texas.

We provide a wide array of methods for new and revitalized street reconstruction.

Clearing and grading is generally performed concurrently in order to ready the site.

We maintain ongoing knowledge of, and follow, all industry standards, codes and regulations.

We can manage the supervision, design, and construction of your building projects.

We look forward to assisting our clients in project review from the design phase- solicitation – construction through warranty.

RL Jones is extremely proud of our internal Quality Assurance program ensuring all work is constructed per plan; open communication is maintained with all parties involved as well as all OSHA standards are strictly adhered to. RL Jones has carried a .6 safety modifier continuously for the past decade. We accredit this to continual industry specific on the job training, knowledgeable site superintendents as well as promotion of continued safety awareness at all times.